New Karakin Map Will Soon Be Released In PUBG Mobile

After waiting for a long time by the players, finally the Karakin map has been officially confirmed to be released into the PUBG Mobile battle-royale game. Tencent Games announced this news to celebrate PUBG Mobile’s third anniversary from March to April 2021.

Map Karakin will be released into the game starting April 7th. This map is very small, half the size of Sanhok and almost the same as the exclusive PUBG Mobile map, Livik. This map does not accommodate 100 players, but only 64 players will jump into this new map.

And it turns out that the Karakin map has been confirmed for its presence at PUBG Mobile at the end of last month. Initially, this new map would be announced at the PMGC esports event, but unfortunately the plan had to be canceled because the tournament had to be canceled due to the impact of COVID-19. Karakin pubg mobile new map

Unlike the PC version, Karakin PUBG Mobile will have its own twist, starting from the new weapon C4 to the new zone, namely the purple zone. In the PUBG Mobile version, there are new mechanics, namely bullet penetration (wallbang) and demolition zone.

In the demolition zone, players can destroy building walls so that the battle will be even more exciting. Whereas bullet penetration is very useful for shooting enemies who are hiding on thin walls, because the walls can currently be penetrated.

C4 is the same as what players know, that this type of bomb players can attach to the wall and detonate it from a distance. It took a year for PUBG Mobile to finally be able to enjoy this Karakin map.

There is no further information on whether Karakin will immediately enter the map line that can be played in the game. There is a possibility that Tencent will rotate the map so that the options will continue to rotate to be played.

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