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Knights Chronicle Release Awaken Karen, Baskerville & Eurora

On August 14, 2019 Netmarble released the latest update for RPG mobile game which raised the popular anime, yep, Knights Chronicle, by presenting the favorite Awaken Hero Support, Karen .

With this Awaken update, Karen who is a Water Type Hero Support will get a new passive skill. Karen has a leader skill, which provides 20% HP Recovery Amount buff for Water and Light Ally types.

awaken karen knights chronicle

With Awaken Karen, you will get additional passive skills, which is recovering as much as 10% for Ally with the lowest HP for a certain amount of time.

This update not only presents Awaken Karen, Knights Chronicle also presents new heroes, namely Eurora and Baskerville.

baskerville chronicle knights
european chronicle knights

Baskerville can be obtained at the Guild Shop, while Eurora can be summoned using the “Advent Event Ticket” which can be obtained through the Erandel Advent Dungeon. Players can play at the Erandel Advent Dungeon starting on August 28th .

In addition to the new Awaken and 2 new heroes, there are other updates which are the following:

  • Auto Repeat: Player can set the amount of Auto Repeat usage when repeating a stage that has been completed
  • Guild Shop: An update has been added so that players can access the SSR Hero Ticket

Knights Chronicle is a classic turn-based RPG mobile game, inspired by popular Japanese animation, and an exciting story with standards of quality equivalent console and PC games.

This game also has a variety of exciting features, such as party games that take place in real-time, which will invite players to form a party of 5 people to fight in the Dungeon.

Each hero’s skill has 3D animation that showcases the visuals in great detail, and more than 100 cool heroes are available to choose. Knights Chronicle available in 140 countries. For more information about Knights Chronicle, please visit Knights Chronicle Official Website .

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