KOF ALLSTAR Celebrate Boss Syndrome Comeback With Free Ruby

Netmarble’s popular mobile action RPG game, THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR , announces a comeback of characters, the characters are eagerly awaited from April 29 with Fighter Boss Syndrome making a comeback and players can challenge it once again to test their fighting skills in a fierce battle.After their appearance in December 2020, 2 Boss Syndrome characters will return to THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR . Players can try to beat and collect the 2 Boss Syndrome characters, including Boss Syndrome Orochi and Boss Syndrome Omega Rugal which can be found again in the game. As players’ favorite characters return, 2 new Fighter Boss Syndrome will be added to add to the fun of players who are looking for tough challenges with their strong skills.
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To celebrate the comeback of these favorite fighters, Netmarble started the 10,000 Ruby Check-In Event with prizes of up to a total of 10,000 Rubies just by logging in and checking in to the game every day from April 20-29. Players can also earn Boss Syndrome Memory, which is one of the top daily check-in prizes by logging into the game for 10 days.THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR features fast action battles, fighting against a variety of enemies, bosses, and other team fighters. The excitement of this martial art is complemented by high-quality graphic wrapping, vivid colors, and super fast animated motion. Furthermore, this game features all the legendary KOF fighters from ’94 to XIV with more than 130 fighters to collect, as well as many more seasonal events to come, collaborations with well-known IPs such as TEKKEN 7 & SAMURAI SHODOWN, and various additional content updates. others that can be enjoyed by the players.

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