KOF / The King of Fighters Allstar x The Seven Deadly Sins Collaboration

The title of the game The King of Fighters (KOF) is indeed very well known as one of the most popular fighting game franchises. This game debuted in 1994, SNK’s flagship franchise continues to grow with the times by releasing new games and adapting to existing platforms or devices. SNK teamed up with Netmarble to bring the title of this game to the mobile platform by releasing The King of Fighters Allstar or abbreviated as KOF Allstar, which yesterday just presented a new surprise in collaboration with The Seven Deadly Sins.

The collaboration surprise is the latest collaboration event with the anime film The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment. As players can expect, this new collaboration features exclusive content in the form of new fighter characters, namely Meliodas, Elizabeth, Ban, Merlin, King, Diane, as well as two special fighters Tavern Master Meliodas and Dancer Elizabeth.

Not only presenting new characters, there are also a series of interesting events such as a log-in prize event at the Knighthood Check-In Board, Strengthen Elizabeth who gives gifts in the form of Fighter Elizabeth and Level Up materials to strengthen these characters, as well as dungeon challenges that are ready to bring players. head into battles against tough monsters and bosses to get extra attractive rewards.

KOF / The King of Fighters Allstar x The Seven Deadly Sins

The KOF / The King of Fighters Allstar x The Seven Deadly Sins collaboration event will continue until April 20, so make sure players participate immediately during the event, especially if players will be given various kinds of free rewards that can be obtained just by logging in. .

The King of Fighters Allstar is a mobile spin-off game that combines the concept of fighting gameplay with a very exciting action RPG. In-game players can play as an iconic character from the series The King of Fighters to face various enemies or other players. Including facing tough bosses and teams controlled by other players from around the world.

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