Details of the latest Hero Arena of Valor (AOV), Aoi who looks like Fanny

In 2021, Arena of Valor will certainly release new heroes, yep after releasing Bright, AOV has a new hero named Aoi, this newest Arena of Valor hero is one of the ninjas from Mist Island, the same place as the AOV hero. others, namely Airi and Hayate.

Aoi is one of the heroes who requires high hand speed and accuracy, because Aoi’s skill set is very complicated when compared to other Arena of Valor heroes. When viewed from Aoi’s skill set, this hero will fill the role jungler in the MOBA AOV game.

Looking at the hero data on the test server, Aoi is one of the heroes whose performance will match the player’s. This hero will be dangerous if a reliable player uses it and vice versa, this hero will not be useful if used by newbie players.

Aoi’s passive skill keeps the stack collected when using skill 1. Every time Aoi uses skill 1, the next basic attack will be stronger and cause critical damage. Arena Of Valor Aoi aov

Skill 1, Aoi will dash forward and scratch the enemy, this attack can be continued with a basic attack. The unique thing about Aoi’s hero is in skill 2, namely Aoi will throw a rope which, if exposed to the terrain, will become a cable for maneuver, this movement will make Aoi very strong to become a jungler (this skill reminds us of Fanny Mobile Legends).

And in skill 3, Aoi will jump and slash the enemy in front while retreating backwards. This skill is perfect for getting out of battle or executing a dying enemy, this ultimate skill is the finishing of Aoi’s combo skill set.

Unlike other heroes, according to information circulating, Garena will give Aoi away for free. To get it, players must take part in Aoi’s special event, The Dragon Scar, from January 26 to February 14.

This hero is perfect for players who want to play hero jungler and need a challenging game mechanic!

Source: Garena AOV


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