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Latest Patch Update Chess Rush, Lots of Content and New Hero!

The latest patch update on the auto battler game Chess Rush presents a lot of new content. One of them will present Mode Treasure Raiders, Guild System and new hero Headreaper.

Chess Rush is a mobile game with Strategy Auto Battler genre developed by Tencent Games. This game is available and can be played for mobile devices Android and iOS.

In the latest patch update Chess Rush will add a New Mode, Features, and also a new Hero. Which certainly will make you even more interested in playing this popular game.

Mode Treasure Raiders

Treasure Raiders Mode

Mode Treasure Raiders is a feature that uses Lucky Dice system for players, this is very interesting because to get it you have to defeat monsters to be paired with different heroes.

Chess Rush Guild System

Chess Rush Guild System

Guild System is a feature that you can use to invite your friends to be able to play together, players can create their own Guild or can also join a Guild that has been created. By joining the guild you will be given daily guild duties and play with your guild colleagues to increase the reputation and activeness points in the guild.

New Hero Headreaper

New Hero Headreaper
Hero Headreaper

Chess Rush also release a new hero named Headreaper, the Headreaper release replaces the Totemface hero, and the Hero interface itself will be updated so you will be able to see the hero stats when you tap on the hero.

Not only that, Season 1 has also been confirmed to be extended until October 16, and Chess Soul Quest is extended for the next two weeks.

For the full Patch Chess Rush Update details, and the video patch update details at the end of this article:

  • New Casual Mode: Treasure Looters! There will be more than 30 new and powerful items awaiting. And monsters will drop Lucky Dice on each round that is completed. Use the dice to get powerful equipment for your hero.
  • Removes Totemface from the Hero options. And add a new hero: Headreaper. The cost used is 3 mana crystal, Ability – Death from above: Increases large damage to enemies with the lowest HP, if the target is killed, and 80% cooldown and 80 which will be returned.
  • New hero interface: Tap on the hero to see statistics. In addition, add quizzes to test your knowledge about heroes.
  • The Guild System is here at Chess Rush: You can find friends and play together to win your Guild victory.
  • Chance Settlement: For level 9 characters, the chance to get a legendary card is reduced by 0.5% and the chance to get an epic card will increase by 0.5%.
  • Siren: The cost incurred is 3 mana crystal becomes 2 where crystal. HP 2000/4000/8000 goes to 1700/3400/6800, and the minimum attack damage: 200/400/800 goes to 185/370/740. Minimum Attack Damage Fund: 250/500/1000 goes 220/440/880.
  • Improve the in-game UI at the top of the screen.
  • Release new monsters to replace the old ones.
  • Add gold and bonus reward levels after playing classic and Turbo Mode.
  • Add lines to the heroes that make up the combo. Will be seen when dragging a Hero that is part of a combo.
  • Season 1 will be extended until October 16, 2019. And Chess Soul Quest will be extended for 2 weeks.
  • Increase the maximum number of friends from initially 100 to 500.

Chess Rush is available and you can play on platforms Android and iOS. Download the game on Playstore or AppStore!.

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