Latest Update for Garena Free Fire Advance Server in January 2021

The Garena Free Fire Advance Server has just update for January 2021 and various kinds of new content have arrived on the server. Of the many new content in this Battle Royale mobile game, some of them are very important for players to know.Among them there are new characters and also a training mode for using the gloo wall, the update on the latest Advance Server is indeed quite large compared to before. Here are the highlights of what new content will be coming to the advance server in the January 2021 update. update the latest free Fire January 2021 new advance server

New Character: Shiro

This January, Free Fire released a new character named Shiro, yep, as the name implies, this character is of Japanese descent. With a green and black appearance, Shiro looks simple and elegant.Shiro has the Damage Delivered skill, Shiro can see the enemy who shoots him at a radius of 100m for 8 seconds, but during that duration the visible enemy also gets a 100% armor penetration bonus. This skill has a big drawback if used inappropriately, but if used properly it will be a very useful skill.

New Pet: Dreki

Not only new characters, this advance server update also releases a new pet named Dreki, a small dragon who has Dragon Glare skills. With this skill, Dreki can see a maximum of a total of 4 enemies at once when they are using a medkit.

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