Here are some of the Leak Update Patch Version 1.4 Genshin Impact

Update patch version 1.4 for the action-rpg game Genshin Impact is rumored to be released in March to April, some leak have also been officially informed. miHoYo as a developer has informed what they have planned to update the latest patch.

During the question and answer session with the players, the following is the leak update patch 1.4 Genshin Impact info provided by miHoYo:

1.) Consended Resin

This is the main news for many players because resin is a limiting factor for farming in Genshin Impact.

The developer will increase the maximum limit of Consended Resin that players can get to 4.

2.) Maximum AR Becomes More

At this time, the maximum Adventure Rank (AR) in patch v1.3 is 60.

In patch 1.4 version later, AR will not be upgraded, so the EXP obtained when AR reaches the maximum will be accumulated to Mora.

3.) Upgrade Weapon

To maximize weapon upgrades, players must slowly fill the slots to increase the level of their weapons.

This process can be extremely difficult and players have repeatedly asked for ways to improve the flow of this monotonous rhythm.

The developer will optimize the weapon upgrade system in the latest version update, such as increasing the number of slots for upgrade materials. Leak update patch version 1.4 genshin impact

4.) Change Co-Op Mode

Every time a friend or other player joins your world, a lot of content is locked when the game switches from single-player to multiplayer.

One of these features is the crafting bench, where players can make condensed resin.

This certainly makes it difficult for players because they have to go home first just to make resin.

The developer said that he would change some systems in Co-Op mode later.

5.) Re-Challenge Spiral Abyss

It’s really annoying when we have to go out and go back to the portal again just to try Spiral Abyss mode again.

The developer added the Re-Challange option to shorten the time it takes to retry Spiral Abyss.


Yep, that’s a brief leak that miHoYo informed about the update patch version 1.4. Details will be discussed during the Sneak Peak Livestream program.

Source: miHoYo


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