Let’s Play Solo Adventure Trial by Felfire on Hearthstone!

Not long ago Hearthstone has released mode Solo Adventure-Trial by Felfire which is Event 4 Week as a substitute event Midsummer Festival which usually takes place in June and July each year. Different from the usual Solo Adventure, this time all chapters in it can be accessed free of charge by players. Previously presented by the League of Explorer adventure trilogy, Solo Adventure this time is not a continuation of the previous Solo Adventure and has brought a new character named Aranna Starseeker .

Solo Adventure-Trial by Felfire brings players into the story of Aranna Starseeker as the main character, who is the younger sister of Elise Starseeker in her quest for identity, which inadvertently makes her a Demon Hunter. Aranna ventured to explore the outlands and met the Rusted Legions, a group of Demon who had mechanics to increase their power led by Mecha Jaraxxus.

At the beginning of the chapter, Aranna was immediately reunited with one of the members of the Rusted Legion who wanted to recruit him, but Aranna refused because he felt something was strange. Aranna began her investigation of the Rusted Legion, and found new friends during the adventure, who finally agreed to continue their journey to the Black Temple, where Illidan lived, to ask for help to stop the Rusted Legion. They were then introduced and taught Demon Hunter techniques to fight Rusted Legion and defeat Mecha Jaraxxus.

Trial by Felfire Hearthstone

This Solo Adventure will be shorter because its Mode is similar to Galakrond Awakening, in each battle player is presented with a preconstructed deck, without adding or subtracting cards to upgrade the deck for each chapter like in Solo Adventure Rise of Shadow or Savior of Uldum.

There are so many throwbacks and smart punchlines in Warcraft lore that make the Solo Adventure playing experience so fresh and fun. Blizzard also showed their ability to process and present interesting conversations by throwing rhymes at each introductory sentence in this Solo Adventure.

Solo Adventure this time is a solo adventure that must be played by all Hearthstone players because of the quality and fanservice that is in it. This experience on Solo Adventure is perfect for refreshing and doesn’t feel like a chores because of the difficulty level that is easy but still challenging.

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

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