Life After Major Update Fight for Home Presents Various Content

NetEase Games has officially announced that the new Camp version of open-world post-apocalyptic survival MMORPG Life After “Fight for Home” will be available today May 6th.

Infected Invasion’s gameplay has received an update, creating an even more exciting post-apocalyptic experience! In addition, Camp has received new upgrades to help players fight the Invected Invasion. Invected is in front of us, so be ready for the challenge!

With detailed depictions of the post-apocalyptic world, Life After brings post-apocalyptic experiences to more than 200 million players worldwide. This mobile game was awarded the title of the most competitive mobile game on Google Play 2019.

Improved game mode Invected, working together to protect high walls

In the new version of “Fight for Home”, Invected Invasion has gone through a major update. The frame-drop issue has also been fixed.

Invected takes a siege on the new high walls of the Camp. A new kind of self-destructive Infected also joins the fight. With the help of high walls, Players must help defend the Camp, and attack the Invected with Cannons to prevent them from attacking. Protect the walls at all costs. Player fails when the wall falls. A new crisis is upon us. Players, gather to defend humanity’s last hope!

Life after fight for home update

Comprehensive Camp Optimization, Humanity Joins the Force in “Fight for Home”

In addition, Camp has received a new update to help players fight the Invected Invasion. The camp scene is laid out more logically, the deletion of the island allows all humans to live together in a proper community. In LifeAfter, Humanity can experience an unprecedented level of unity. In addition, the city center functional buildings have been redesigned with new aesthetic enhancements.

The Double Foundation on the outskirts of Levin has been moved to the Central Garden Villa District. Looks better than before. Manor Merge is now available for normal manors, enhancing the cohabitation experience. Last, but not least, lots of new gameplay content has been added including new Patrol content which greatly enriches the player experience!

Camp customization, enjoy a unique post-apocalyptic experience

The new Custom Camp system allows players to decorate their own camp and create their own post-apocalyptic experience. Players are free to change the look, color, and even pattern of their camp floor to create an exclusive look. Meanwhile, players can also build a Main Statue for the camp. Friends camp can donate materials for its construction. Create your own exclusive camp, and feel a real sense of belonging.

To help new players get to know the camp better, this new release also improves on-camp guidance. After joining the Camp, players can participate in various activities such as Fishing, Camp Patrol, and Shooting Training according to the guidelines to collect points, win prizes, and achieve camp achievements.

The new version of Life After “Fight for Home” brings a whole new gaming experience to players by enhancing the gameplay and content, which are the essence of LifeAfter. In the future, Life After will continue to release new content, and will strive to bring players a more realistic and varied post-apocalyptic experience.

LifeAfter Camp Update: Fight For Home

Source: Press Release

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