Lineage 2: Revolution Major Update Presence New Race Kamael

Netmarble today August 28, announced an update to its flagship MMORPG game, yep Lineage 2: Revolution has been updated with a variety of new content for players to enjoy.

This update releases the latest race Kamael, Dual Class system, new Servers, and various In-Game Events as a form of celebration of the update.

With this major update, players can get three Full Set Grade UR Equipment which is the highest grade, just by playing the main quest and participating in various in-game events.

In addition, players who have pre-registered for the latest update will also receive an Enhancement Scroll +30.

Cold-blooded and strong race, Kamael is the 6th race that appeared in the game, following the Orc race which was released in September last year. Created by giants as weapons to fight the gods, this race is a very strong and cruel race, absorbing enemy souls for use in battle.

When using Kamael, players will start in the newest territory of Soul Island, and have access to three classes, namely: Berserker / Doombringer (Warrior), Arbalester / Trickster (Rogue), Soul Breaker / Soul Hound (Mystic), with a variety of exclusive weapons in each its class.

lineage 2 revolution kamael

The Dual Class system in Lineage 2: Revolution is also here to be enjoyed by the Knights of Aden. Through Dual Class, players can feel the additional character class with the same strength as the main character, including levels and items inherited from the main character.

Here are the other updates in Lineage 2: Revolution :

New Server Addition

The Cendrawasih server will be added to Lineage 2: Revolution starting August 29 (more complete schedule will be notified through the official forum). Players who create new characters on this server will get Adena, Red Diamond, and three types of Daily Benefit for seven days.

In-Game Event

Celebrate the release of the Kamael race with a variety of exciting events like the following:

  • Level-Up Boosting Event: Players can level up quickly, achieve high CP, and receive the highest grade Equipment, the UR Grade by participating in this event.
  • Dual Class Check-in Event: Login to Lineage 2: Revolution for 14 days to get various rewards, one of which is Mount Pet ‘Scooter’.
  • [New Server Only] Event Discounts: Get Level-Up and Equipment Upgrade discounts for players on new servers.
  • [New Server Only] Lucky Box Event: Test your luck by using Lucky Ticket to get first place prize.

Lineage2 Revolution is a mobile MMORPG that displays high-quality graphics with large-scale Unreal Engine 4 and Open World, and offers real-time battles with thousands of other players.

For more information about Lineage2 Revolution, please visit the official website through Lineage 2: Revolution website and the official Facebook page at Lineage2RevID.

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