Netmarble Lineage 2 Revolution Update October 23/2019

Lineage2 Revolution Equipment Dungeon Baru

Netmarble Corp on October 23/2019 yesterday announced latest update for its flagship MMORPG mobile game, Lineage2 Revolution, has arrived to be enjoyed by loyal players.

This update presents a new Demonic Attribute Equipment that gives additional damage to Demonic Monsters and reduces additional damage received from these types of monsters. Not only that, there were also two new Dungeons namely Devil’s Shriek for the Temporal Rift and Katura’s Hideout for the Dungeon Clan which was the place for the appearance of Demonic Monsters.

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Additionally, the maximum level for Enhance Equipment has been increased for the first time since the release. Previously, the maximum level of Enhance Equipment was at Lv30 and this update has been increased to Lv40.

This update also brings various updates to the Colosseum. The Colosseum mechanism has been changed to select the strongest player on the server, and limits the qualification to enter battles for Top Player based on CP . The Colosseum pre-season will start on November 2 with an updated system.

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Netmarble Lineage 2 Revolution Update October 23

In addition, Lineage2: Revolution also presents a variety of new content to enliven Halloween. Horror-themed costumes and in-game events are now also available for players.

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