LoL Wild Rift Update Patch 2.2c Balancing Nerf and Buff

Not only presenting Renekton,  the LoL Wild Rift mobile MOBA game patch 2.2c also made changes in terms of balancing, nerf, and buff for several champions.

There are several champions who are nerfed on this 2.2c LoL Wild Rift patch. Not only that, there was also one champion who received a very significant buff.

We will discuss about the nerf champions first obtained by Kai’Sa. This nerf lowered his strength in the early game, Riot Games targeted two of Kaisa’s skills.

Icathian Rain will produce less damage in the early game, and  Killer Instinct has a longer cooldown at the first level.

Lux as a support that currently looks overpowered must also be hit by nerf which targets support capabilities.

Lol wild rift patch 2.2c Balancing Nerf buff

Riot Games reduces the number of shields from the  Prismatic Barrier  significantly, and also reduces the AP ratio. This nerf is expected to change Lux’s role to Midlaner.

Apart from the two champions, there are also Braum, Diana, Evelynn, and Lee Sin who received nerf on a small scale.

Even the Gold system also gets nerf, especially in terms of passive income per second. Riot Games reduces gold in mid-late games.

Riot Games will continue to monitor this latest update and can make more adjustments if needed.

As for the champion buff in patch 2.2c, Pantheon is again receiving a buff that might help Pantheon become a meta champion.

In addition to increasing the base armor stat and armor growth at each level,  Shield Vault  will get an increase in base damage.

For other champion buffs, Twisted Fate will receive a buff on Red Card, Lulu will receive back the stat that was removed in the previous nerf, and Jax will receive a mana buff.

Source: Riot Games


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