LoL Wild Rift Releases 5 Yordle Champions, One of which is Teemo

Today, January 8, 2020 will be the new stage for the mobile MOBA game LoL Wild Rift, today will be the first day of season 1 rank that plaers have been waiting for. Not only season rank, Riot Games also provided a leak about 5 Yordle champions who will be attending at the same time as the start of the first season of LoL Wild Rift.At the Yordle Expedition event, LoL Wild Rift will welcome 5 Yordle champions, including Kennen, Lulu, Teemo, Tristana and Corki. Before you play the five champions, you should first identify who they are and what specialties they have.

Lulu Wild rift Lulu
Lulu is the only champion support on this list, Lulu is equipped with a kit to help her friends, this champion is suitable for support players. Lulu’s many skills are very useful when a team fight occurs, if the player manages to skiill with the right timing then the victory is in hand.Of course support is used to accompany marksman in the botlane, but if the player wants to have more fun, then the player can try using Lulu as a toplaner.

Tristana Wild rift tristana yordle
If you think Corki is an annoying marksman, then you’ve never met Tristana. Tristana is one of the marksman who is not afraid to come forward to kill the enemy.

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