LoL Wild Rift Will Soon Present New Champion, Irelia

Another new champion who will appear in the MOBA mobile game League of Legends: Wild Rift. Yep at this time, there is one champion who is often played as a baron lane champion with a very high skill gap and is known as an agile champion, namely Irelia , who will be present at LoL Wild Rift.

The champion comes from the Ionian region and has just been confirmed to be present in the LoL Wild Rift game after Riot Games gave a sneak peak on social media accounts. In the photo, you can see the weapon used by Irelia, which is a large knife with a unique shape.

Not only that, the background in the photo also uses Ionia’s location, which makes the indication of Irelia presence at LoL Wild Rift even stronger. Finally, Riot Games also added a caption with the sentence “we are sharpest, where we break”, this sentence is a catchphrase that is often spoken by Irelia.

Lol wild rift irelia

If you don’t know, Irelia is a champion who is often played in the baron lane or midlane position. Irelia has a skill set with high mobility and can also do great damage. Irelia also has a disarm effect, an effect status that champions in League of Legends rarely have.

The disarm effect is a debuff that can be given to the enemy, if the enemy is hit by this effect the enemy will not be able to provide a basic attack. Irelia can provide this debuff effect when using her ultimate skill. This skill effect is also one of Irelia’s main uniqueness.

Even though it’s not very popular at the competitive level, you can still find these champions in almost all League of Legends tiers. Many players say that the mechanical skill set of this champion will depend on the player’s abilities.

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