Love Live School Idol Festival Collaborates With Persona

A few moments ago, on the official website and Twitter account for the Love Live rhythm game , the mobile game  Love Live School Idol Festival All Stars  held a collaboration event with the game Persona 3, 4 and 5. But there is still no more detailed information about the collaboration.

But now, KLab has given a teaser for the collaboration between Persona and Love Live School Idol Festival. This new collaboration will present nine members with new costumes with a persona theme.

The 9 new costumes are Persona-style costumes used by female members in the Persona 3, 4, and 5 party games. Each series will present 3 costumes so that all members will have their own costumes.

Love live school idol persona 3 4 5 collaboration

But until this article was published, KLab still has not provided details about the character who will get the costume. KLab will provide more detailed information later on their official Twitter account later.
Based on the twitter post, the Personas who will be attending are as follows:

Persona 5 : Haru’s Milady, Ann’s Carmen, and Makoto’s Johanna

Persona 4 : Chie’s Tomoe, Naoto’s Sukuna-Hikona, and Yukiko’s Konohana Sakuya

Persona 3 : Mitsuru’s Penthesilea, Aigis’ Palladion, and Yukari’s Io

In the previous May, KLab also held a poll to determine the poster girl for this collaboration. and the winner is Eli Ayase who will be the main character in this collaboration event.

This new collaboration will be coming to the mobile version of Love Live School Idol Festival which is available for Android and iOS platforms. Although Square Enix has released this game on the PlayStation 4 platform, this collaboration event is still not confirmed to be present for the console platform.

Source: Twitter


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