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Major Update Lumia Saga Releases Job Assassin & Ranger

Lumia Saga as MMORPG mobile game is currently showing its popularity. The game developed by Century Game this has been downloaded as many as 700 thousand users. Since it was launched on 6 August 2019 last month, Lumia Saga is now in the top position of ranking Google Play Store. This MMORPG game makes players fall in love with its cute and unique graphics. and also an exciting dungeon that takes players to forget the real world and move on to the Lumia saga world.

On September 25/2018 yesterday, Lumia Saga made a major update by releasing two new jobs. Yep, you can choose Assassin and Ranger jobs to play. These two jobs with the ability to fight nimble are released together with a Dungeon that can be entered by 10 players at once. Not only that, Lumia Saga also provides features to replace the current job with another job for free!

Lumia Saga Job Assassin Ranger

This is intended so that all players can feel all the jobs that exist in Lumia Saga. However, this opportunity was only present once. So, you should use it well. Several new Dungeon options are also available. Namely: Rajeel Great Challenge Dungeon, Mist of the Dragon, and Hideout. This dungeon is certainly made so that the game is not monotonous and players can easily add strength to their characters.

Century Games also gives new prizes to players who have played Lumia Saga since the initial Lumia Saga release. Not only that, new players will also get prizes that are not less interesting!. So don’t forget to subscribe FajarYusuf.Com so you don’t miss the updated mobile game information like this!.

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