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Magic ManaStrike New Update Season Domri Rade

Netmarble Corp. today has released a new update for the game Magic: ManaStrike, the mobile game is the first game that was adapted from the Magic: The Gathering series. This update introduces Season Domri Rade, the new exclusive Skin Magic Pass for Dinosaur Rider Domri Rade, and brings reward Magic Pas ‘s new.

Exclusive Magic Pass Skin for Planeswalker Red / Green Dinosaur Rider Domri Rade is now available for collection by players. A new Magic Pass reward has also been added to the game as part of this latest update. Not only that, Level Boost and Skin Selection Tickets are also added along with new Emoticons and Player Icons that can be collected.

fajaryusuf.com Magic ManaStrike Season Domri Rade

Magic: ManaStrike is a mobile game that has a fast paced strategic PvP gameplay that brings excitement from the entire universe of Magic: The Gathering. After losing the war against Planeswalker, Nicol Bolas who is the strongest villain in Magic: The Gathering, created a new parallel world to find Planeswalker’s weaknesses. Player makes a contract with Nicol Bolas to provide battle data by controlling Planeswalker and each of its units in the world.

This game is easy enough to learn, players can feel dynamic real-time battles with other players from all over the world in a three-minute battle. During the battle, player can summon units, cast spells, and give orders to the powerful Planeswalker just by touching and dragging. The iconic cards from Magic: The Gathering come in a high-quality 3D view. By collecting new cards from five unique colors which are Magic – White, Blue, Black, Red and Green, players can learn to understand the strengths of each color and make their own strategies.

Publisher: Netmarble

Source: Netmarble Press Release

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