MapleStory M Major Update new Class Pathfinder

MapleStory M is doing a Major Update bringing a new class Pathfinder

MapleStory M released a Major Update this November, bringing a variety of new items to the game, Dungeon Events, and a pre-registration event for the new Class, PathfinderNexon’s follow-up to the successful MMORPG MapleStory also added some character balancing and updates to Force Fields and Root Abyss.

In the latest MapleStory M update, players can now create characters with a new class, Pathfinder. Players can score cool in-game items every week, after they have made Pathfinders for a total of 4 weeks until the official release.

MapleStory M Major Update new Class Pathfinder

Another update that players are looking forward to is Character Balancing for Bishop, Battle Mage, Paladin, Night Lord, Bow Master, Luminous, Dark Knight, and Wind Archer. From now until December 3rd, Level-Up High! The EXP Dungeon Event allows players to gain a lot of EXP just by hunting monsters in the Dungeon event. Maple Museum Season 3 rewards players with Fossil Item Drops until December 9.

And now the I&B Burning Challenge Event from now until December 15 will reward each character with the Title Agent Icy or Hot Agent, this will depend on the status of the player character. New characters and inactive accounts will have the Icy Agent Title and active accounts will get the Hot Agent Title. The character’s title will determine the rewards received as well as additional Buffs.

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