MapleStory M Presents New Warrior, Dragon-Man, Kaiser

MapleStory M, a free-to-play mobile MMORPG game, is currently expanding with the introduction of the new half-human, half dragon, Kaiser, and Legion Warriors in the latest update, available now.

Using a large two-handed sword during combat, Kaiser is a powerful Nova Warrior hero who can fill up the Morph Gauge by performing combos and special attacks. Once filled, this Morph Gauge briefly allowed Kaiser to take its original form, rendering Kaiser nearly invincible for a short period of time. The update also presents new equipment for Kaiser, along with a Grandis area and new monsters.

Not only new characters, today’s update also adds a new Legion System. This system is similar to the Maple Tree Festival System found in MapleStory M, allowing players to define work areas for their characters and provide bonuses across accounts for other characters in the same world. The system will also consolidate and rank information and levels from the characters of this same world to make things more organized.

MapleStory M kaiser

To celebrate Kaiser’s presence at MapleStory M, there will be various special themed events:

  • Kaiser Burning Event: From today until June 6, there will be a Level 1 + 2 Rise event for Kaiser characters.
  • Kaiser Growth Support: For a limited time, the items needed to upgrade Kaiser at each level will be distributed to players.
  • Kaiser On-Time: From today until May 13, logged in players will receive a Kaiser Update Box featuring coupon slots, auto-battle charge tickets (30 min), Whetstone, and more.

Other events have also been added:

  • Haste: From today until May 27th, a number of daily missions will be available every day, and players who complete these missions will be allowed to open a gift box. After the daily missions are completed, the Hidden Missions will be present. Players will be given the advantage of extra hunting and buffs to use in Dungeons or Star Force Fields.
  • Plant Flowers with Camila: Players can claim this event on their account to receive seeds and plant them on the event page. The seeds will bloom after 24 hours and will reward players after fully blooming. This 24 hour waiting period can be reduced by extra action from the player.
  • Lady Blair Dream Express: From May 13 to May 27, players can participate in the Lady Blair Dream Express! This event allows players to transfer many items including styles, mounts, pets, and skin damage to other characters via the Lady Blair Dream Express.
  • Traveling the World with Miyo: Starting today until June 30th, players can receive new pets, skins and outfits following the same format as the existing long-term attendance sheet.
  • Gift Box Event: From May 27th to June 10th, players can collect the keys dropped during hunting to open Maple Gift Boxes on the Event Tab. If a player can open all 10 Maple Gift Boxes, the player can get a Special Gift Box.
  • June Monthly Attendance Sheet: This event will take place throughout the month of June.

The amount of EXP required to level up has also been adjusted to level up faster between levels 35-220, making it easier to complete guide missions. The compensation level has been increased to support equipment growth, the cost of enhancing weapons and armor from Star Force 1-10 has been lowered, and the Hunt and Collect requirements in Quest have also been lowered to increase overall progress in the game.

The Monster Collection has also been updated to include the Pantheon area monsters and showcases the collection amount in the collection area achievements.

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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