Mario Kart Tour Presents Landscape Mode Features

Mario Kart is a racing game series that is very popular with many players around the world for each series that is owned. This game by Nintendo also released this popular game for mobile platforms, Android and iOS. As expected, when it was released, this mobile game was immediately played.

However, there are some players around the world who complain about the gameplay of Mario Kart Tour which has a portrait screen perspective. As we know that many mobile racing games that use the perspective of landscape gameplay, because of that Mario Kart Tour with portrait mode will certainly be less comfortable for some players. mario kart landscape tour a

The good news, Nintendo has heard the complaints of these players and presents landscape mode in the Mario Kart Tour game. However, for players who are used to portrait mode, they can still play it the old-fashioned way, so each player is free to decide how to play it themselves.

Nintendo also publishes trailers to inform players about this new feature through their YouTube channel. Released on July 21 yesterday, now landscape mode can be used by players, by updating the Mario Kart Tour on Google Play and AppStore.

Source: YouTube

Mario Kart Tour - Race in portrait or landscape, your choice!

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