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MARVEL Super War Informs Skin Collaboration for Black Widow Movie

Talking about the movie that Marvel fans have been waiting for, Black Widow. Even though the film is now on hold, players can still feel the charm of Black Widow in Marvel’s first mobile MOBA game, MARVEL Super War. They recently announced their new in-game event in collaboration with Black Widow of Marvel Studios. These new movie-themed skins can be obtained in-game during the event, and the film’s impressive antagonist, Taskmaster will soon join the mobile game as a new playable character!

Based on the in-game image, Black Widow is wearing the same “White Tactical Suit” that Black Widow has worn in some of the movie trailers and posters. The skin is completely recreated in the MARVEL Super War game, from Black Widow’s steaming red hair, the sleek texture of the suit, to Widow’s Bite, recreating the movie’s favorite fighting effects into mobile games. In addition, the Taskmaster uniform in the film will also be created into the game.

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According to the official MARVEL Super War announcement, a series of events also taking place in the game are designed for SuperHero and a new collaboration skin is available. To coincide with the new season of MARVEL Super War, Marvel Studios’ Black Widow collaboration event has also started on October 10th! Players can take part in activities to earn various prizes, including limited edition avatars, avatar borders, and the opportunity for lottery draws! Lots of fresh content is available, because all players will have the opportunity to recruit new Hero Taskmaster for free! During this collaboration event, players can log into the game for 7 consecutive days to earn Taskmaster Recruitment Tokens, and recruit Taskmaster as soon as it’s available!

What role will Taskmaster have in the mobile MOBA game MARVEL Super War? How can a criminal, whose ability to mimic other people’s combat moves, be replicated in a mobile game? Don’t miss this collaboration event if you are a Marvel fan!

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