MARVEL Super War Kicks Off Season 6 With the Release of War Tiger

The mobile MOBA game MARVEL Super War started season 6 on April 15, 2021 yesterday with a variety of cool new content! War Tiger, the Warrior of the Sky who plays the Guardian of the West, is about to make his debut on the battlefield! In addition, there are also skins inspired by Marvel StudiosThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

The oldest member of the Warriors of the Sky, War Tiger will join the battlefield of Wakandan. Leaping from the West, War Tiger splits evil with Tiger’s Fang, which is full of mystery. This ancient Thai general ensured the success of his fellow Warriors of the Sky with his unwavering strength and experienced combat experience. war Tiger Marvel super war

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Studios The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, MARVEL Super War will introduce skins for Falcon and Winter Soldier inspired by their appearances in the TV series. The Winter Soldier skin was revealed last month, while the Falcon skin will be out in the coming weeks!

Last but not least, this new Season also marks the arrival of new Savanna Pact series skins for Black Panther and Storm. Inspired by Wakanda’s knowledge and aesthetics, these skins mimic the traditional clothes worn by King T’Challa and Queen Ororo. The original functionality of the Black Panther armor has been retained, but the design has been updated with traditional Wakandan elements so that the two costumes can complement each other perfectly.

Source: Marvel Super War Press Release


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