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Marvel Super War Distributes New Hero Taskmaster for Free!

The Marvel Super War mobile MOBA game has officially announced that they will release Season 4 which will feature the iconic SuperHero from the latest Marvel Studios film. The beautiful woman who was very skilled in close combat, Black Widow. Not only does it present Black Widow with an elegant white uniform, but also presents a new hero who will also be the opponent of Black Widow in the latest movie. Yep Taskmaster is here at the marvel super war!

But players don’t need to worry, because players can have this new Taskmaster hero for free just by logging in to the Marvel Super War game. Curious how? the following is the explanation:

  • 1 Day Login: players will get items that can be exchanged for the Latest Hero Vouchers to try out Taskmaster in their first appearance.
  • Login 4 days: players will get the latest skin vouchers.
  • 7-Day Login: Players will receive items that can automatically be exchanged for the Hero Taskmaster permanently.
fajaryusuf.com Taskmaster Marvel Super War a

So make sure players don’t miss the opportunity to get Taskmaster for free just by logging in in full for 7 days. A very easy and simple way, especially since this is a hero adapted from the Marvel film that players will soon be able to enjoy when the cinema opens. So, don’t miss this opportunity!

Source: Marvel Super War


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