Mobile Legends Gives Hero Benedetta For Free On 7-8 Nov

Mobile legends recently announced that it will release a new hero on the original server, yep Benedetta. This hero actually leaked a while ago and finally got a release date. Players don’t need to use BattlePoint to get this new hero, because Moonton said that they will give you Benedetta for free!

Benedetta is a hero who has role assassins, Moonton released this hero for free as a sign of gratitude to the players who have downloaded the Mobile Legends game 1 billion times around the world. Players only need to log in on 7-8 November 2020 to get the Benedetta hero for free. Benedetta mobile legends free free a

Benedetta has a unique skill, Benedetta can counter the enemy’s CrowdControl skill so she can survive the enemy’s siege. The stun effect sent to Benedetta can be countered so that it hits the enemy. Besides CrowdControl immune, Benedetta also has a unique basic attack, Benedetta can withstand basic attacks to change the effects of her attacks into new skill effects, namely dash.

If you are interested in the new hero Mobile Legends Benedetta, then you must log in on 7-8 November. Do not forget!

Source: YouTube Mobile Legends

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