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MPL / Mobile Premier League Release New Game, Build UP!

MPL / Mobile Premier League has released a new game titled Build Up!. As the title suggests, the game challenges players to build 3D buildings with blocks.The MPL Build Up game was inspired by Tetris, the Tetris game in the 90s was very popular. Even though it looks simple, Build Up! presenting high resolution images and smooth control.Like Tetris, the main task of the player in Build Up! is to arrange 3D buildings so that they form a single horizontal line. After forming one horizontal line, the line will erupt and add player score points.
Build UP new game mpl
Not only that, there is one important thing that players need to remember. Players are not allowed to erect vertical buildings up to nine levels.Once the player sets up 10 levels, the game will stop. Victory in Build Up! determined from the highest player score.Players need various “skills” to face challenges and get the highest score. So, what “skills” does the player need in this game?, Here’s the answer:
  • Calculation
  • Accuracy
  • Dexterity
  • Concentration
By mastering the four “Skills” mentioned above, player can easily get the highest score in Build Up!.Come on, try the game on MPL! Then, continue to follow FajarYusuf.Com to get various information about other mobile games!.
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