MPL Host Tournament : Make Your Own Game Tournament!

One of the leading arcade game platforms in Asia, Mobile Premiere League makes new features. With this feature, MPL players can create their own version of esports tournaments. This feature is a manifestation of MPL’s commitment to Asia, so that esports can be enjoyed by all groups.

Indeed, the current prestigious tournament requires you to hold the title of professional player. However, in MPL you don’t need a title like that. Only by becoming a user of the Mobile Premiere League game application, you can easily hold an esports tournament.

mobile premier league

This new feature is called Host Tournament. With this new feature, you are free to hold esports tournaments from 15 games available in the application, such as Monster Truck, Runner No.1, Ice Jump, and Fruit Chop.

This is also evident from the number of enthusiasts to reach tens of thousands of participants in tournaments that are held every day.

Even more exciting, when you hold a tournament at this MPL, you will play like an Event Organizer. From determining the tournament name, the number of players, setting the score, even to the details of your own tournament version.

Not only that, you also have the right to determine the price of registration tickets ranging from 5 diamonds to 1000 diamonds.

For the number of participating players, it is determined by MPL, which is 2 to 100 players in one tournament. Also, you can do marketing for the tournament you are holding by sharing code or links through private social media.

If your tournament doesn’t match expectations or fails. You do not need to worry, because the diamonds that you have used as the cost of making the tournament will be returned 100% by the MPL.

host mpl tournament

MPL players’ enthusiasm for this feature can also be seen from the number of tournament promotion posts found on the MPL Facebook account.

For those of you who feel good at playing all the games in MPL. You must take part in the esports tournaments in this Host Tournament feature.

If you can win, the diamond prize you get can be exchanged for the Go-pay balance. So, you will be more efficient if you want to travel or buy something via Go-pay.

For those who don’t have an MPL game application, you can download the application for free here.

What do you think of this new MPL Host Tournament feature? Will you be passionate over the diamonds offered?

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