New Class Comes to Black Desert Mobile Game, Sura!

Pearl Abyss once again presents a new class for their mobile MMORPG game, Black Desert Mobile. This new class is called Sura, a new class that will be coming soon to the Black Desert Mobile game. It has been confirmed that it will be available for Android and iOS players. Even though it’s not officially here yet, players can pre-create today.

Sura is a ninja who uses the main weapon of the katana, which means that Sura fights at close range or melee. Sura has lightning speed skills to attack, and also with the katana that is held is one of the six legendary swords in the world of Black Desert Mobile.

Not only using a katana sword, Sura also has various types of kunai that can be thrown for a second weapon. Speed ​​is Sura’s specialty, moving quickly and dealing massive damage instantly to enemies.

Sura Black desert mobile

With the Blinding Slash, Shadow Cloack and Heavy Rain skill attacks, all the attacks given by Sura feel very fast but the damage inflicted on the enemy is also very high.

Sura will be present in the game next week, just as the new update will be. Sura will be the newest class following the two previous classes, Kunoichi and Shai, Sura will be a class of assassins suitable for use when players need characters with high damage.

Current players can pre-create this new class from now on. In addition, if players log in from May 18 to June 6, players will have the opportunity to get prizes in the form of tier 6 horses, tier 5 pets and permanent costumes that are similar in design to this new class.

Source: Play Blackdesert


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