New Collaboration PUBG Mobile X Lisa Blackpink, Will It Bring Skin?

PUBG Mobile, every time it updates, always provides interesting content. After the latest update, PUBGM has brought a Yamaha motorbike into the game. Currently they are giving a teaser that there will be a new collaboration for this battle royale game, which is most likely seen from the picture that this is a PUBG Mobile x Lisa collaboration.

Lisa is a member of the South Korean girl group, Blackpink. But it is still unknown what kind of collaboration will be carried out by PUBG Mobile x Lisa, but if you look at the teaser, it will certainly attract PUBGM players.

And if you know, Lisa has also collaborated with PUBG M. Previous collaboration with Blackpink which consisted of Jennie, Ji Soo, Lisa, and Rose, one of their songs entitled Playing with Fire was played at the PUBG Mobile Season 14 event, namely Spark the Flame, players can listen to the song near the giant torch. PUBG Mobile X Lisa blackpink a

What do you think about PUBGM’s latest collaboration? fajaryusufdotcom hopes that Lisa’s skin will be presented in-game.

Source: Facebook PUBG Mobile


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