New Elite Pass Free Fire Titled Wildland Walkers

Today Garena has revealed the newest Elite Pass that will be coming soon to their mobile battle-royale game, Free Fire. The new Elite Pass on Free Fire is titled Wildland Walkers, this Elite Pass will have a scarecrow theme.

Yup, Wildland Walkers is inspired by the DC character, Scarecrow. Free Fire is inspired by these scary characters and adds a combination of fire to create a more sinister character.

Elite Pass Wildland Walkers will present 2 bandle outfits, namely The Blazing Scarecrow for men and The Fiery Scarecrow for women.

Not only these two packages, the new Elite Pass also features an additional skin, the Walker’s Fury skin box. Players can also get a Wicked Broomstick surfboard, Wildland Slasher skin, Wildland Walkers car skin, and Lantern of Doom bag skin in the box.

free fire wildland walkers elite pass

Elite Pass Wildland Walkers Free Fire: Outfit Blazing Scarecrow

Players can complete missions to get various prizes, including two in-game avatars, two in-game bans, Scarecrow Treatment gun skin and The Walker emote. Garena Free Fire chose to design Wildland Walkers using a combination of medieval wind coat clothing with elements of a hunter’s outfit.

With the Blazing Scarecrow outfit, the character who uses it will look more sinister. Characters who use it will also have a unique identity that can be seen from the skin.

New Convoy Crunch Mode

Previously in the Free Fire game, Garena also announced the closing of the Free Fire x McLaren collaboration event which will be held soon. At the event, players have a new mode called Convoy Crunch which is available today.

In Convoy Crunch, there are 2 rounds, players will become Invaders or Defenders at the beginning of each round. The task of the Invaders is to escort a car to a predetermined location, while the Defenders have the task of preventing what the Invaders are doing.

Each team will take turns playing the roles of Invaders and Defenders. Vehicles only move forward when there are Invaders nearby, at a specified radius, and will move backwards when Defenders approach.

The vehicle will stop if both Invaders and Defenders are in the same area. The team that spends the least amount of time getting the vehicle to its destination, or the one that manages to advance the vehicle the furthest distance will win the game.

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