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New Feature PUBG Mobile 90 fps Framerate More Fun Playing Game

It feels very pleasant, of course, playing mobile games with high framerates, especially if the game is a battle royale genre, with a high framerate, players already have one advantage over other players, namely screen speed and responsiveness. This turned out to be noticed by Tencent, they just added higher framerate support for the PUBG Mobile game. Yep, the new PUBG Mobile 90 fps framerate feature.

PUBG Mobile officially now supports 90fps. However, for the first month this feature is still present exclusively for OnePlus phones, after the exclusive period ends on September 7, the PUBG Mobile 90 fps feature will be available for all players on all mobile devices that support screen refresh rate 90Hz.

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Certainly, the dream feature of all these players will really help players who use cellphones with support for refresh rates of up to 90Hz, with this feature players that have 90Hz screen support will be superior to players who have normal or 60Hz refresh rate support in terms of screen responsiveness.

In addition to this new fps feature, PUBG Mobile has also just released its latest update on August 4, entitled Ancient Secret, which presents various new features and modes as well as interesting events with lots of prizes for players.

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