PUBG mobile patch 0.14.0 update

New Features Released In PUBG Mobile Patch Update 0.14.0

Tencent will update patch PUBG Mobile 0.14.0, and have prepared a lot of cool features, starting with Upgrade Map which will later get Erangel to get a new upgrade, Erangel 2.0, to several new features such as Zombie Mode, which are currently players busy talking about this.

PUBG Mobile seems to be developing more rapidly when compared to the PC version, this could be possible because of the convenience of playing which is Tencent’s priority in building this mobile battle royale game for the better.

Yep, until now there is Update Patch 0.14.0, there are a variety of new features that you need to know, so you can know it before the server maintenance is done.

Immediately, here are the new features in PUBG Mobile 0.14.0:

Feature Treasure/Pirates Mode

pubg mobile treasure mode 0.14.0

Feature Treasures / Pirates Mode is the latest mode that contains treasure searches, but Tencent hasn’t explained clearly about this mode, because it seems developers want to keep players in order to always be curious about the updates later.

Does player have to dig later, or continue to move down to get the treasure sought?. Will there be features to dive and fight under water?, Let’s wait for the surprise!.

Feature Infection Zombie Mode

Zombie Mode Patch Infection Features 0.14.0

Infection Zombie mode is the most highlighted in this Update, again Tencent only provides a little information about this new mode.

Later players will be told to choose between the Zombie Team or the Defender Team, players will be equipped with weapons if they choose to become a Defender, with the aim of saving themselves into a zone that has not been infected by zombies.

Whereas the goal of the Zombie Team, players can only attack at close range, and have a cooldown of attacks, but players can come back to life after being killed, until the gameplay in one match is complete.

Feature New Character Victor in EVO Mode

EVO Mode pubg mobile 0.14.0

EVO Mode is new in PUBG Mobile, but if you play other FPS games like Apex, Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Free Fire this mode is nothing new.

Later players can choose characters with different unique abilities, Victor is a new character introduced by Tencent in this EVO mode.

However, EVO Mode is separate from regular or classic mode, the player will play in a separate mode. So the player does not need to worry about things, who has a good character he will be the winner, only in EVO Mode it can happen, but the Classic mode will remain as usual.

Feature New Map

new map infection 0.14.0

This new map is only for Infection Zombie Mode. Yep, it looks like players will be increasingly accustomed to a variety of separate game modes in PUBG Mobile later, each new mode is made separate without changing the original game mode.

Feature New Exclusive Skin

bape exclusive skin pubg mobile 0.14.0

It feels incomplete, if there are no new skins in every update, this time player will come with a Bape Exclusive skin that can be obtained by buying it using UC, so for players at least they have prepared a lot of UC so that they can get this one limited skin.

Source: Official PUBG Twitter M

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