New Genshin Impact Character Named Hina Inugami, NPC or Playable?

For the past few days, leakers/dataminers have been busy looking for information on the Genshin Impact 2.3 beta. And this information leak is very interesting for players to know. Not long ago a leaker/dataminer found new information about Gorou’s mother or sister named Hina Inugami in Genshin Impact who has the potential to become a new playable character.

This information was obtained from the Twitter account @Genshin_Intel. In a retweet of Lumie’s post, a picture of a beautiful woman named Hina was shown. According to the information provided, it seems that the woman is Gorou’s mother or sister named Hina Inugami. This information was obtained from one of the leakers who got the datamine in the Genshin Impact 2.3 update.

Most likely Hina will be an NPC that will appear in one of the stories or Hangout Events with Gorou in Genshin Impact. But it is also possible that Hina will become a playable character later.

Genshin Impact Hina Inugami new char

Until now there is still no definite information whether this Hina character will really appear in Genshin Impact or just a rumor and a fanart from the artist. It must be remembered that this is still just a rumor, so players don’t have high hopes for Hina Inugami’s presence in Genshin Impact.

After learning this information, the players were excited to see Hina’s appearance in Genshin Impact. The male players were very enthusiastic to see the character who was thought to be Gorou’s mother or sister in Genshin Impact.

Although it’s still a rumor, the enthusiasm of the players is very high and hopes that miHoYo will really bring Hina to Genshin Impact.

Source: @Genshin_Intel


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