New Hero Auto Chess Winter Chiropteran, Race Dragon Class Mage

Drodo Studios as the developer of Auto Chess will release a new hero again. Whereas before at the end of August, Drodo Studios had just released Rouge Guard. Another new hero to be released later is Winter Chiropteran with the Race Dragon and Class Mage.

If likened to Dota Auto Chess, Winter Chiropteran is Winter Wyvern. Then how about the skill from Winter Chiropteran later?

Winter Chiropteran is expected to have the ability to recover a number of HealthPoints, one of the heroes in the arena. When a Hero’s HP is restored by the Winter Chiropteran ability, the hero cannot attack. Only 1 gold is needed to buy Winter Chiropteran.

With the presence of Winter Chiropteran, more heroes will have Race Dragon. Previously there were only 3 Dragon heroes in the Auto Chess game, namely Shining Dragon, Dragon Knight, and Venom.

Winter Chiropteran AUTO CHESS

As a result, activating Dragon synergy requires all three. Now with 1 more Dragon left, there will be more choices. Plus two heroes who have Race-Class:Dragon-Mage, yep Winter Chiropteran and Shining Dragon.

Actually, the additional update for Winter Chiropteran hero is just the beginning of the many heroes that will be released in the Auto Chess game. Later there will also be a new class in the game if the hero Rubick from the Dota Auto Chess game is adapted.

So let’s just wait for the next update from Drodo Studios for the Auto Chess game. Don’t forget to subscribe FajarYusuf.Com so you don’t miss the updated mobile game info!

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