New Hero Named Melissa Present In Epic Seven

Smilegate officially announced a new hero named Melissa and Side Story Melissa “Hatred Blooms Red” who were present at Epic Seven to celebrate the first anniversary of the release of Global and Asian servers with a special buff event.

The new hero Melissa is a 5 star Fire Mage hero and vampire who cross the ocean for revenge after being betrayed by her lover. The Melissa Skill utilizes a “Cursedebuff that deals damage as additional damage to all enemies affected by this debuff every time an ally uses a Single Attack.

Skill 3, “Blood Bloom” allows Melissa to deal great damage by cursing enemies and ignoring elemental losses. Not only that, a new Artifact has also been released with Melissa, “Bloody Rose” will be useful for Mages who need high effectiveness.

Melissa Epic Seven

Melissa’s Side Story “Hatred Blooms Red” will tell a story of love and revenge which consists of 16 stages and 10 quests, which will give players an additional reward when completing it. This side story is available for players to enjoy until November 21.

In addition, in the context of celebrating the first anniversary of the Global and Asian servers, the special Event will take place over four days. Players will receive a different buff every day, including a 30% increase in exp, an increase in Gold drop, a double rune drop, and a 50% increase in Hunt Crafting Material drop.


Hello Heirs,This is GM Dominiel!I would like to inform you that we will have an update on 11/7.Please see below for more detailed information.■ 11/7 (Thu) Update Info1. Schedule: 11/72. DetailsNew Hero – MelissaNew Artifact – Bloody RoseSide Story – Hatred Blooms RedPet System Improvements & Bug FixesCamping Voices & Additional Improvements

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