pentagon sizar seven Knights

The New Hero of Seven Knights is here, Pentagon Sizar

Netmarble has officially announced, that the Seven Knights mobile RPG game presents a new special Hero named Sizar, and also various other updates.

Sizar is a Pentagon hero member who is equipped with very strong skills.

New content is also present along with this update. One of them is the addition of Pointer Star: Road to Glory, with a variety of new content and abundant prizes that can be enjoyed by players. Raid mode has also been modified so that it can give more prizes for players.

Players can fight Weapon Sizar in Adventure mode and get various items as prizes.

sizar seven knights

Netmarble celebrates Sizar new hero update by presenting various celebratory events. Players can get 1,000 Ruby, 6-Star Special Hero Selector, and 4 million Gold at the Check-in Event. Players can also get three Dark Magic Cluster Tickets every day. In addition, various items can also be purchased at lower prices at the Black Friday Special Shop that has opened.

For more information about the Seven Knights mobile game, please visit the official website here.

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