New Incese and Daily Free Box Play Pokemon GO at Home

Niantic has been trying to always update Pokemon GO so it can be played at home since the world was locked by the Covid-19 pandemic, to help trainers (Pokemon GO players) continue to develop Pokemon without violating medical advice or government restrictions.

The steps that have been implemented by Niantic are giving players the activity of playing Pokemon Go at home to get PokeCoins, increasing the number of PokeCoins that can be obtained in one day, and increasing the strength of Incense. In addition, the number of PokeCoins that can be obtained by players in the Gym is reduced.

 daily free box pokemon go

There are also other updates that benefit players, this update will be available for selected players, who will receive a visit from Professor Willow to inform them that he has designed a new type of Incense, which is guaranteed to attract Pokemon every day.

Aside from Niantic giving surprises to selected players, there is also something that must be obtained by all players, namely the Daily Free Box access that contains in-game items.

This update will be released soon. Meanwhile, you can download Pokemon GO for free on Google Play or AppStore, and play it from home.

Publisher: Niantic

Source: pokemongolive

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