The New Update of MapleStory M Presents Angelic Buster

MapleStory M is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG game to play on iOS and Android, continuing its third anniversary celebration with the introduction of Angelic Buster and a number of events for players to enjoy.

Born as a disgraced Nova MapleStory M with no tail or magic, Angelic Buster inherits the power of Eskalade, an ancient dragon that resides within the ancient relic of the Pantheon. Equipped with a dragon-shaped arm cannon, known as the Soul Shooter, Angelic Buster blasts waves of enemies with ease. In his second slot, the Nova Pirate retains the power of the Escalade in a special ring, known as the Soul Ring, turning it into an Angel Buster and allowing Nova to use special skills. New characters between level three and 120 can level up to an additional two bonus levels each time they level up through the Mega Burning event.

This update also includes lots of opportunities for new players to get to know the game’s systems and content in an immediate way. After reaching level 10, new characters will be rewarded for completing missions. New players will be able to strengthen and decorate legendary items in treasure boxes. Not only that, both new players and returning players will be able to enjoy abundant bonus items when using the payment option for the first time.

maplestory m angelic buster

MapleStory M’s Third Anniversary Evemt includes:

  • Merry-Go Round Event Crafting: Players will be able to hunt for materials from dungeons, upgrade carousels up to four ranks and earn their own custom seats with a chance to earn luxury seats.
  • Magic Land Parade Event: All players who enter during the event will receive a round-the-clock buff for all characters in the world where the buff is activated.
  • Coin Drop Event: During the event, all hunts have the opportunity to earn coins, which players can use to purchase items at the Magical Land Coin Shop.
  • Jumping Cloud Cat Event: A special Mini Game in which the player navigates riding a cloud cat to eat bubbles that earn coins.
  • Angelic Buster Changing Room: Special cloths dropped during the event can be exchanged for NPCs to make dresses. Players will also be able to customize the appearance of their styled items during the event.
  • Angelic Buster’s Concert Hall: Players can earn extra EXP when attending Angelic Buster’s Concert Hall, where players can listen to Angelic songs.
  • Water Splash Event: All players will be awarded three free tickets to this mini-game, where players are rewarded for avoiding various items within a certain time.
  • Mr. Kim’s Rewards Event: Characters over level 100 will receive surprise rewards when interacting with Mr. Kim and entering the inventory. This prize is limited to once per account.
  • Sunshine Points Event: When consuming crystals, players will be awarded Sunshine Points which will offer them additional rewards through the achievement system.
  • Slimeshot Event: A player vs player balloon shooting mini-game contest available at any amusement park.

For more information about MapleStory M, visit the AppStore or GooglePlay pages.


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