NEXON Brings Class Reaper to the MMORPG V4 Game

Yesterday on September 1, 2021, the cross-platform PC and Mobile MMORPG game developed by Nexon entitled V4 just released a major content update this year, which features a very fast Reaper class and uses Scythe.

The introduction of a new class in V4 since the release of the visually stunning game, Reaper brings a new type of combat to the game, with increased physical attacks and skills to deal devastating blows with Scythe. Taking advantage of the short skill activation time (cooldown), the Reaper can deliver fast and powerful attacks, making it the most powerful class in all of Sylluna.

Raper wielding his scythe, Reaper has eleven skills that can be activated in quick succession to perform combos, allowing him to disrupt the battlefield with various attacks that can turn the tide of the battle.

reaper v4 new class_

To celebrate the release of Reaper, players around the world can take part in limited-time reward events, including:

  • Event Check-In : Available from Wednesday, September 1st, players can participate in the 30-day check-in event to obtain support equipment for the Reaper class.
  • Level-Up Event: The Level-Up Event, also available on Wednesday, September 1st, allows players to earn rewards to boost their character development to the maximum amount.

Source: NEXON press release


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