Niantic Responds To Letter From The Pokemon GO Player Community

Players from the Pokémon GO ar game community have left an open letter to Niantic urging Niantic to reconsider changing the PokéStop and Gym interaction distance changes from 40 meters to 80 meters due to bonuses in the game due to the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic. And now Niantic has responded to the open letter from the Pokemon Go player community.

Niantic responded to the open letter in a blog post entitled “A Response to Our Pokémon GO community” posted on Niantic’s official website. They reaffirmed to the players that the health and well-being of the players was their top priority. In addition, Niantic did not hesitate to answer the main issues mentioned in the open letter.

“We’ve heard your feedback about one change specifically the PokéStop and Gym interaction distance. We brought the interaction distance from 80 meters back to the original 40 meters starting in the US and New Zealand because we wanted people to connect to real places in the real world, and visit places worth exploring.”

niantic’s blog post
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The Pokemon GO player community has been heard, and Niantic is taking the following actions:

  • They confirmed that the player input was loud and clear and would consider the best course of action
  • Niantic is putting together an internal cross-functional team to develop a proposal that will encourage outdoor exploration while addressing issues arising from lower interaction distances
  • Findings and proposals will be shared with the player base on the next in-game season change (September 1)
  • As part of this process, they will also contact community leaders in the coming days to join the dialogue.

However, Pokemon GO community players were not happy with the response and were quick to criticize Niantic’s overly corporate and wishy-washy response. Fajaryusufdotcom considers Niantic’s blog posts a move in the right direction, as community feedback has been heard and there are clear steps being taken.

Although until now Niantic has not announced whether they will return the PokéStop interaction distance to 80 meters or not.

Source: nianticlabs


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