Nikeland, the Metaverse world created by Nike & Roblox

The presence of Metaverse has changed the views of popular brands, including Nike. While not a tech company, Nike has dared to create their own version of the metaverse in the simulation game Roblox.

Nike’s Metaverse ambition was welcomed by Roblox, as a game that does have varied and very immersive gameplay. Nikeland, which is the result of a collaboration between Nike & Roblox, intends to make sports and play a lifestyle today.

All buildings in Nikeland are inspired by their headquarters in America. At its release on November 17, 2021 yesterday, players can participate in various mini-games, including dodgeball, etc.

Nikeland players can play on Mobile devices or PCs, ensuring all players can try it directly. If you use a Mobile device, there is a special feature, namely the Accelerometer feature that can synchronize with your movements in the real world. Because Metaverse will indeed create a virtual world where people will be active in it with body movements.

Nikeland Metaverse world created by Nike & Roblox

Not only that, Nikeland also has some uniqueness in their Metaverse. There is a Digital Showroom feature, players can try all types of Premium & Limited shoes produced by Nike.

You can try this Nike Metaverse world for free in the Roblox game. Not only is there a virtual world, players can collect various achievements and prizes when completing the available mini-games. Prizes include Blue Ribbons & Gold Medals which you can exchange for virtual products.

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