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After Collaborating with CR 7, Now Free Fire x One Punch Man

After previously providing shocking news by collaborating with Cristiano Ronaldo to become a Brand Ambassador, there are now some horrendous rumors circulating about the mobile battle royale game Free Fire. This game published by Garena has just set records and various awards, and also never stops holding collaboration events. Call it Money Heist and several artists who finally entered this game, now new news shows the collaboration of Free Fire x One Punch Man.

Yep, rumors are circulating about the presence of One Punch Man in the Free Fire game. The hero, who lost his hair due to too much muscle training, appears in one of the free fire war equipment, namely the Gloo Wall. Not only that, several weapons were also shown with the words One Punch Man. There are even some players who show that there are characters who get Saitama and Genos skins.

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Even so, the news of the One Punch Man collaboration is still not official. There are still many possibilities. Like the regional lock event or whether or not Free Fire collaborated with x One Punch Man. Because from the available information, the language used is still Brazilian.

What do you think, are you looking forward to seeing this collaboration? Or do you think this is a common rumor?


Source: Bhrendon Youtube


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