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Onmyoji Arena x Bleach Collaboration Presents Ichigo and Rukia

Although it is not as popular as other MOBA mobile games such as Mobile Legends, but it cannot be denied that the Onmyoji Arena developed by NetEase is a MOBA mobile game that is quite good when talking about graphic quality or from the gameplay mechanism of the MOBA mobile genre.The developer is always trying to bring content updates and new features regularly to improve the playing experience of the players. Having previously collaborated with the quite successful Inuyasha series, Onmyoji Arena is now collaborating again with the Bleach series, which will present the characters Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki.If you know manga or anime Bleach, surely you are familiar with these two characters. Ichigo Kurosaki is equipped with the Getsuga Tensou, Shunpo, and Bankai skills that strengthen other skills as the ultimate skill. But it seems that the ultimate skill can be reactivated to become a Vizard that will lock all skills, and will produce a basic attack with greater damage. And for Rukia Kuchiki, it is equipped with Kido #33 aka Sokatsui, Shunpo skills that can produce freeze effects to the enemy, Shirafune, and Hakuren as the ultimate skill that can also produce freeze effects to the enemy within its attack range during max charge.

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