Update Patch 1.3 Will Present Motor Glider in PUBG Mobile

Motor Glider in the PUBG battle royale game is a vehicle that has been released for a long time for the PC version, and PUBG Mobile is now certain to be released soon.

In PUBG mobile, not all features of the PC version of Motor Glider can be included in the game, because it will make the file much bigger and much heavier for mobile players to play.

In Patch 1.3 Beta which has been released, there is a motor glider which is a three-wheeled vehicle that can be used to fly around the map.

Information in PUBG Mobile’s 1.3 Beta patch notes, Motor Glider will definitely be presented to the game, and will only be found in the Erangel and Miramar maps.

Fajaryusuf.com Motor Glider PUBG Mobile

Motor Glider can only accommodate 2 players, with seats in the front for the driver, and the rear for passengers who can use weapons to shoot.

In accordance with the information provided, this motorbike can fly up into the sky, and to be able to do that the player must move at high speed to be able to take off.

The concept of flying is almost the same as a flying vehicle in general, motor gliders also require gasoline, and it’s good to refuel before flying into the sky.

With the release of the motor glider in the next update, of course the player rotation strategy and ability in the Erangel and Miramar maps will change.

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