Pet Panda Free Fire, Can Cure Light Wounds!

In the previous update you knew about a new pet that will be present in the game Free Fire through Advance Server.

And this pet now comes in Original Server. So let’s welcome pet Panda new release!

Pet panda free fire

This pet named ‘Detective Panda‘, and looks like a strong fighter.

You can get this pet and skin in Lucky Royale by paying 40 Diamond for each roll.

And just like Night Panther, pet also has unique skills that make him different.

Unique skill Panda’s named Panda’s Blessings’, which will restore a bit of your Health Point for every kill that you do!

Pet panda free fire 2
  • Level 1 recover 4 HP
  • Level 5 recover 7 HP
  • Level 7 recover 10 HP.

So you no need to use a medkit if only received minor injuries, looking for the enemy to be killed and your HP will recover.

Pet panda free fire 3

You can also buy emote for Pet Panda in the shop if you get in Luck Royale .

Anyone want to try to obtain this new pet? Relax, there’s still about 2 months to get it!

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