Pocket City Update 2 New Features, Policies and Regions

The famous mobile game for city development, yap Pocket City, has received new updates aimed at enhancing the late-game experience by adding two new features in the game.

First, feature regions, you can now unlock new areas around the main city to build additional cities. Increasing income in one city will also increase income in all other cities in the same region, giving you a new way to make extra money efficiently.

Each city in the region will get an additional 25% of the combined income of all other cities. Not only that, neighboring cities also have unique Buff effects that vary depending on the type of land they are building.

Pocket city game update

Another new feature added is policies. This serves as an increase that you can buy using points gained from leveling up. This feature offers a variety of buffs and very useful effects.

There are also other changes made, you can now build rails on any road. Which means you will not face problems when trying to build rails that “spin” on the road.

In addition, the new transit statistics can now be seen from the traffic screen. Some bugs have also been fixed, and you can see the full detail of the update on the official Pocket City website.

Pocket City is a fantastic mobile game for the city development genre with nicely packaged gameplay. If you want to try it, you can download it right now via the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Pocket City Official Release Trailer [iOS & Android]