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Pokemon GO Will Present Ranked Mode PVP Online, GO Battle League

Looks like the mobile game developed by Niantic will make the update mode awaited by loyal players of Pokemon GO.

Online Battle System and Ranked Mode will be presented to Pokemon GO in-game starting in 2020.

For now, players can only fight with other trainers locally, with the exception of non-player characters that can be invited to fight at any time.

Pokemon GO game developer, Niantic has not officially announced the update details of the update. But certainly this online PvP system will be titled Go Battle League.

Go Battle League

Not only that, it is said that players have to walk down the GO Battle League arena, which means players won’t just be able to sit at home and fight all day.

The Pokemon GO PVP system will split the Pokemon list into several divisions based on the CP they have, which means the player must be able to coordinate which Pokemon will be strengthened and must be left at a certain level.

Source: polygon.com

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