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Pokemon GO Cannot Be Played On iOS 10 & Android 5 And Under

Is it true that Pokemon GO can no longer be played on iOS 10 and Android 5 and under devices ? Recently, Niantic has officially announced that old Android and iOS devices will no longer be compatible to play the Pokemon GO game. In the update that will be released in October, patch update 0.189, players who use old iPhones and Androids will not be able to play the AR mobile game.

The patch update will have a big impact on Pokemon GO players using iPhone iOS 10 and under. Apart from iPhones, players with Android 5 or Lolipop devices will no longer be able to play the Pokemon GO game in the future. Indirectly forcing players to upgrade their cellphones.

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This news was informed by Niantic along with rumors that Pokemon GO will become a paid mobile game in the next update. A data miner found that they found a category “Subscriptions” which will be released by Niantic in the next update. This rumor was first released by online media called TheSilphRoad which stated that the miner data found a data categorized as “Subscription” which will be released on Pokemon GO. However, there has been no official response by Niantic whether this monthly subscription will only be a battle pass or a subscription which means a paid game.

Indeed, the micro transaction system in Pokemon GO is not something new, players who play Pokemon GO will certainly think again about playing games that used to be played for free without paying.

Yes, even so, Niantic has not provided detailed information regarding this rumor.

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