Finnaly, Pokémon Go Release Team Rocket & Shadow Pokémon

As the most popular AR game, Pokémon Go continues to add the latest content and updates. This year could be the most important year for Pokémon Go, because Niantic finally included Team Rocket in the game. Team Rocket on Pokemon Go began today, you will find Team Rocket members messing up in some PokeStops.

Continuously, you will find a PokeStop that turns black. This is a sign that the place has been mastered by Team Rocket. If you approach Poke Stop, later Team Rocket members will challenge you. The way to play is almost the same as fighting in the Gym.

Pokemon Go Shadow Pokemon Pokemon Team

If you can defeat Team Rocket members, then Team Rocket members will be left shadow pokémon and you can catch it with Pokeball. But, don't be happy because it turns out that this Pokémon is a Shadow Pokémon that is influenced by Team Rocket. Even though they look strong and emit a dark aura, it turns out they have a weaker status if they are not healed.

Reported by Polygon, there are some players who argue that the Shadow Pokémon turns out to grow faster. You only need to purify the Pokémon. Later the number of PC will increase and the Return movement will be directly learn by the Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Pokemon Shadow Team Pokemon 2

Although it is quite difficult to obtain and rare, it turns out that the Shadow Pokémon is arguably very useful. You can look for fewer Dust and Candy to grow Pokémon obtained from Team Rocket. In addition to the Shiny, additional Shadow Pokémon makes this game have lots of interesting variations to collect.

What do you think of Team Rocket's presence in Pokémon Go? Are you ready to eradicate these troublemakers and collect Shadow Pokémon?

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