Pokemon GO x Circle K collaboration, giving discount prizes!

The AR Pokemon GO game is currently holding various events during the holidays, although not many players are happy with the events that are currently being presented. Previous Niantic has made partnership with berbagaimacam company, and currently known Niantic will collaborate with Circle K.

Although they did not add new Pokemon to the game, Niantic actually collaborated by presenting discounts and coupons for Pokemon GO game players. When it was first released, Niantic has partnered with various companies to create Gyms and PokeStops for players to be able to get various items in the game. Players who play the Pokemon GO game can get coupons that can be used to buy items at discounted prices at various Circle K places.

pokemon go x circle k collab

Players who access PokeStops at Circle K will also get discounts and coupons at the supermarket that can be used to buy coffee, gummy bears, hot dogs, K Freeze, and other food & drinks. In addition, the discounts presented also vary every month with a total of 12 months of partnership between the two big companies. Although not providing more detailed information, Niantic said that every time you play PokeStop players will get a variety of different items.

Many players have said that this collaboration has arrived in their countries, including the USA, Ireland, Poland, and Canada.


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